Samantha Wilson heads to Útila in Honduras in search of Old Tom, the legendary barnacle-encrusted whale shark who has plied the waters for decades. “Put your faces in the water, sharks don’t fly!” Bobbing among the dark, slapping waves off of the Honduran coast I hear the shout of our captain over the gentle hum […]

Looking for a winter sun destination with beautiful beaches, majestic scenery and activities? Try St Lucia. Situated only 322km (200 miles) north of Venezuela, between the islands of St Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, this tropical haven may be small, but the diversity of its scenery certainly won’t leave you disappointed. Saint Lucia’s best beaches From […]

Twenty years on from South Africa’s first democratic elections, Meera Dattani heads into the Gugulethu township for a tour that offers hope above everything else. This is not my first township tour but already it feels different. For starters, we’ve not peered into anyone’s house or snapped photos of locals from inside the minibus. Instead, […]

As an island that’s become synonymous with honeymooners and pensioners, Estella Shardlow investigates whether Bermuda has anything new to offer the modern traveller.   My hands are slipping and my biceps are aching. Beneath me there’s a 10ft drop onto a rocky surface. Banyan hang all around in thick tendrils, enveloping the soaring trunks of […]

The Lofoten Islands in Norway offer epic vistas, remote art installations and the best fish burgers Rudolf Abraham has tasted. But the archipelago faces an uncertain future. The E10 highway winds sinuously along the Lofoten archipelago. Hopping between islands over a series of bridges, the road comes to an abrupt end at the village of […]